Hyderabad is set to have three more waste-to-energy (WTE) plants besides an expanded capacity at South India’s biggest WTE plant at the Jawahar Nagar dump yard.

According to officials, the quantity of waste treated and disposed in tonnes per day on an average is increasing constantly every year. From 2,200 tonnes of waste in 2012-13 to 5,900 tonnes in 2020-2021, the waste disposal is three times higher, which can generate more energy with the help of WtE plant. 

Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd is planning to enhance the capacity of the existing 19.8 MW waste-to-energy plant at Jawahar Nagar to 48 MW. It has also proposed to establish a 14.5 MW plant at Dundigal beside its hazardous waste management project. The TSPCB has issued clearance for the project. 

The primary objective of these plants is to produce electricity and scientifically dispose of municipal waste. These plants are a substitute for fossil fuel plans, with nil or least dependence on coal, oil, natural gas, among others, for generating electricity.


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