Guernsey-based Cahill Energy has signed an agreement with the government of Barbados to build and operate a plasma gasification waste to energy facility on the Caribbean island.

The company said that it expects to invest up to $240 million in the proposed plant which, is set to be located in Vaucluse, St Thomas.

Cahill claimed that once operational the plant will be capable of generating up to 25% of the island’s energy, providing the government of Barbados several hundred million dollars in estimated savings over the 30 year lifetime of the contract.

The company added that it is expecting to utilise plasma gasification technology from Calgary, Canada based Alter NRG(T: NRG).

It is hoped that once operational the plant will divert some 650 tonnes of solid waste per day from landfill, while generating up to 25% of the island’s power requirements.

“Cahill Energy offers us a real solution to becoming energy independent, while at the same time reducing our massive oil import bill,” explained Barbados’s minister of environment, the honourable Dr Denis S. Lowe.

The a minister of energy in the Office of the prime minister, the honourable Darcy W. Boyce, added: “This waste to energyproject is a major step to put Barbados firmly on the way to its initial target of replacing by 2029, 29% of its oil based electricity by generation from renewable and alternative energy.”

“Indeed, this project will help Barbados significantly to reach this target ten years earlier than planned,” he continued.

Cahill added that it received legal advice on the deal from international law firm Taylor Wessing.

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