IMABE IBERICA was one of the selected suppliers by Flacipel (Grupo Multilixo) for the installation of the H-120/2000 baling press for plastic at the new recycling sorting plant in Guarulhos (Brazil).

The new Guarulhos plant has become the largest plant in South America and incorporates the latest technologies worldwide to maximize its operation and performance.

Likewise, IMABE is committed to the continuous improvement and innovation of its products and services, that in the case of the H-120/2000 press have been materialized in the incorporation of renewed digital screens, better features, advanced hydraulics and a more efficient electrical consumption.

Moreover, IMABE has been a trusted supplier to Flacipel (Grupo Multilixo) for more than 20 years, a relationship that began with the acquisition of a press for paper and cardboard and has consolidated overtime due to the low number of breakdowns, the low maintenance and spare part costs, and the permanent service and support of IMABE.

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