New SecuCalc Software for the design of base course thicknesses

By using the new NAUE’s SecuCalc Software, you are designing base course thicknesses for Secugrid® or Combigrid® stabilised and reinforced base courses in road construction as well as for parking and storage areas or similar applications.

Depending on the operational life of your infrastructure project, both deformation-related (rutting) as well as load-bearing (EV2, CBR) design criteria can be defined based on which the thickness of the base course is determined.

The result of the calculation allows a direct cost comparison between Secugrid® & Combigrid® stabilised and reinforced base courses and conventional construction methods without geosynthetics.

The basis for this are the project-specific parameters and prices, which you defined.

Secugrid® and Combigrid® stabilised and reinforced construction methods offer the following advantages:

  • Increase of the bearing capacity of soft subsoils
  • Improved serviceability
  • Increase of service life
  • Reduction of base course layer thicknesses
  • Reduction of project costs

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