Syctom, the metropolitan agency for household waste, has awarded CNIM the contract to design, build and operate its future waste sorting center in Paris. Located in the new Clichy-Batignolles quarter (17th arrondissement), this entirely automated large-capacity center will process the waste of over 900,000 residents. It will open in 2019 and employ 80 people, of which 35 will be new staff.

Paris, 15 October 2015 – CNIM is the representative of a group bringing together Urbaine de Travaux (Fayat Group), Ar-Val, INGEROP Consultancy and Engineering, SEGIC Engineering and the architectural office Ateliers Monique Labbé, which was selected unanimously by the Syctom tender committee to build its future waste sorting center in Paris’s 17th arrondissement.

This second inner-city waste sorting center blends in with the nearby High Court and the future Clichy–Batignolles green quarter. Making it integrate perfectly into its urban surroundings was a critical issue for the architectural office Ateliers Monique Labbé.

Led by CNIM and supported by SEGIC for the environmental aspects, the group mobilized around Ar-Val to offer a sorting solution to meet Syctom’s requirements, and around URBAINE and INGEROP to design a building which integrates process and architecture.

This high-performance leading-edge center with thirteen optical sorting machines will be able to process up to 15 tons per hour. Being suitable for sorting new plastics as part of the move to extend sorting operations, it will be able to recycle more household packaging. CNIM, which will operate the center with the assistance of CNIM Insertion, is committed to supporting Syctom in achieving its objective of recycling 75% of packaging.

“We are honored by the faith that Syctom is placing in us following the competitive tender launched in June 2013. This sorting center is a high-performance industrial facility which will be a technology showcase in a densely-populated urban environment.

Being situated in the Batignolles industrial zone, it is very close to the locations where the waste is produced. The center will also take recyclable waste from the nearby pneumatic collection center, and the proximity of the railroad means that half the bales produced can be 2/2 taken away by rail”, explains Stanislas Ancel, Deputy Managing Director, Environment Sector, CNIM.

CNIM is a French group with an international presence. An assembler and supplier specializing in turnkey waste-to-energy plants, with over 160 locations constructed worldwide, CNIM has also been an operator of such facilities since 1969. CNIM is also involved in other waste-to-energy and renewables sectors, such as biomass and concentrated solar power stations, both as a constructor and operator.

In France, CNIM operates four waste-to-energy plants, one sorting center (at Thiverval in the department of Yvelines), one composting center and two biomass cogeneration plants. Internationally, CNIM operates three waste-to-energy plants in the United Kingdom and one in Azerbaijan.

About CNIM
CNIM designs and builds turnkey high-tech industrial facilities and provides expertise, service and operations support in the environment, energy, defence and industrial sectors. CNIM leads projects and sells equipment worldwide. CNIM relies on stable family ownership, which underwrites its development. The Group has 2,900 employees in 15 countries, with revenues in 2014 of €790.8 million, of which exports accounted for 67.5%. CNIM is quoted on Euronext Paris.

For more information, go to www.cnim.com – Twitter: @CNIM_Group

About Syctom

About the members of the Group
Ateliers Monique Labbé: www.moniquelabbe.fr/
Ar-Val: www.ar-val.fr/
INGEROP Consultancy and Engineering: www.ingerop.fr/
SEGIC Engineering: www.segic-ingenierie.fr/
Urbaine de Travaux: www.urbaine.com/


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