The Egyptian State Minister for Military Production met WTEI consortium members at the headquarters of the Ministry’s general office. The Minister, Engineer Mohamed Ahmed Morsi, invited our delegation to discuss the cooperation in the field of waste to energy. From the consortium side, “Green Tech Egypt” and “OAK Group Holdings” took participation in the meeting. Mr Robert Valk, the Chairman, presented the “Green Tech Egypt”. Mr Gareth Brown, the Group CEO, participated on behalf of “OAK Group Holdings”

As we reported previously, a year ago Waste to Energy International (WTEI) created the consortium for Egyptian projects. In this consortium, “Green Tech Egypt” plays the role of the local developer and project sponsor. “OAK Group Holdings” takes the responsibilities of financial developer and investor, and WTEI is the technical developer. Later, we completed the feasibility study for the first WTE plant in Egypt.

Minister for Military Production met WTEI consortium
Official photo from the meeting

To clarify, the meeting took place in Cairo on Apr, 6th 2021. The State Minister for Military Production stated that this meeting comes to discuss the executive position of the existing cooperation. The goal is establishing and operating waste-to-energy plants through establishing a joint-stock company for this purpose. The Minister emphasized the political leadership’s interest in the waste management field. Also, he mentioned the speedy implementation of the strategy of converting municipal solid waste into electricity. This gives a great return on improving the environmental, health and living conditions of citizens. Also, allows achieving an economic return from the waste recycling process. Additionally, Minister Morsi mentioned that the ministry is finalising the feasibility study for the Abu Rawash site in Giza Governorate. This work is performed in cooperation with Green Tech, OAK and WTEI.

Reasons why the Egyptian State Minister for Military Production met WTEI consortium

Minister Morsi expressed the Ministry’s endeavour to employ all the industrial, technological and human capabilities available to the project. That is to say, the goal is to participate in implementing the municipal solid waste management system. Ministry works in cooperation with the Ministries of Environment and Local Development and the Arab Organization for Industrialization. This achieves maximum benefit from the amount of waste generated daily In Egypt to smart energy solutions. He emphasized that the Ministry of Military Production is keen to transfer modern technologies. Additionally, Ministry is ready to cooperate with national and international companies specialized in the field of waste management. The implementation of this type of projects deepens local manufacturing and increases the added value. Also, it reduces import and provides foreign currency to enhance the national economy.

Mr Robert Valk, Chairman of “Green Tech Egypt”, mentioned that today the project executive steps and the timeline were reviewed. He added that the establishment of these plants will increase the added value of the waste. Mr Valk praised the large manufacturing, technological, technical, human and research capabilities that the military production companies own. This facilitates the way for achieving productive cooperation.

Mr Gareth Brown, Group CEO of “OAK Group Holdings”, indicated that he will finance the establishment of the joint-stock company. Consequently, this follows the cooperation protocol signed with the National Organization for Military Production. Mr Brown added that the establishment of this company will bring a great economic return to Egypt. Also, it will provide sustainable development goals by generating electric power from solid municipal waste using modern technological methods.

Media response

The media advisor to the Minister, Mohamed Eid Bakr emphasized the ministry’s keenness to ensure that cooperation in this field. It is based on joint manufacturing and technology transfer concerning recycling waste and converting it into energy. This is pointing to the ministry’s constant pursuit of integration with ministries and various bodies. Above all, the Ministry supports comprehensive and sustainable development strategies in the country.

Official post of the Ministry of Military Production

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