Recently performed meeting with ministers in Egypt supported current development of the waste-to-energy project near Cairo. On Sunday, 06 September 2020, Minister of Military Production and Minister of Environment met local developer of our Consortium, Green Tech Egypt company (GTE).

Ministry of Environment plays the role of the supervisor for waste management system in Egypt. Ministry of Military Production supports the project by involving local industrial enterprises. In other words, such local enterprises to produce part of the plant equipment: conveyors, electrical equipment, fittings etc.

Both ministers and their key specialists listened to the presentation created by Waste to Energy International (WTEI). Green Tech Egypt company owner conducted the presentation. He showed proposed technology, commercial and financial project structuring. Also, presentation explained how the project can help Egypt to solve current waste utilisation problem.

Meeting with ministers in Egypt - First page of the presentation
First page of the presentation

Statements by ministers

Minister of Environment has emphasised that the project and used technology should conform Egyptian environmental regulations, especially in part of controlling air emissions.

Minister of Military Production studies with the Consortium some locations proposed for the project. Also, he emphasised that the cooperation with the Consortium intends to use local manpower and local available technologies in military factories to support this project.

Official publications on meeting with ministers in Egypt

Official Facebook pages reported about the meeting with ministers in Egypt:
Post of Ministry of Environment
Post of Ministry of Military Production
Official video (so, the first page of the presentation above is on the video)

Previous events

In July 2020, the Consortium of Green Tech Egypt (as local developer), OAK Group Holdings (as financial developer and investor), and Waste to Energy International (as technical developer) signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ministry of Military Production. The goal of MoU is to construct a 350,000 ton per annum municipal solid waste (MSW) plant near Cairo on Build-Own-Operate (BOO) basis. Therefore, Consortium to provide 100% investments into the project, and operate the plant for 20-25 years.

Earlier in April 2020, WTEI formed the Consortium. It is the result of long-term cooperation of WTEI with the above-mentioned companies for 3 and 10 years, respectively.

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