Virtus Equipment Shredder Granulator Combination unit

VIRTUS EQUIPMENT is pleased to announce the VIRTUS SG 1000 Shredder/granulator combination, material handling system and central control panel.   Combining the proven design and high torque of the VIRTUS single shaft shredder with a highly efficient granulator, VIRTUS is able to provide a reliable, compact size reduction system.

The shredder and granulator are individually driven allowing for better control of the complete process. The shredder is driven via a gearbox located on the shaft end on one side of the rotor. The granulator is driven by a separate belt drive. To increase efficiency, a VIRTUS Smart Drive system is used to constantly monitor the load and adjust the current accordingly to reduce electricity consumption.

Equipped with a hydraulically operated ram, the shredder feeds the material automatically into the rotor’s cutting chamber by load-related controls. The hydraulic system is equipped with high-pressure valves and volumetric flow controls which are set per the demands of the input materials.

The VIRTUS SG can be used in any application that needs predictable shredder and granulation quality. Typical applications include, but are not limited to, the following

  • Injection molding                         •   Roto molding
  • Blow molding                                •   Recycling
  • Extrusion                                       •   Thermoforming

For additional information please contact VIRTUS at 847-291-1800 or by email at [email protected]


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