The existence of the Heat-Tech Center in Warsaw, one of the world’s very first centers for excellence and research in heating networks, can be explained by the fact that Europe’s largest heating network has been installed in the capital since the 1960s.


Its current size speaks for itself: it heats an urban area of 136 square kilometers and  covers 76% of the city’s needs! With approximately 19,000 delivery points (substations) supplying 11,000 GWh of thermal energy per year, it is easy to understand why intelligent management of the entire system is needed. Management is based on a loop of excellence combining engineering and maintenance operations  within a continuous technical improvement process.

Intelligence and reliability

Based on two pillars (R&D for over 80% and the rest supported by Veolia’s technical  support functions), the Heat-Tech Center is currently developing two complementary research projects: one focuses on the intelligent management of the network and the  other on its reliability.

On the program: improved network performance for greater energy efficiency and improved ability to capture lowcarbon emission energy sources, the use of artificial intelligence for optimized steering and a data management system compatible with  the gradual installation of sensors and probes at key points of the infrastructure.

With the deployment of real-time data management made possible through the mass of  data acquired and processed, the user is informed not only of the condition of the
network, but also of any maintenance, emergency or scheduled operations almost instantaneously.

With its 15 researchers, HTC aspires to become the leader in heating network research and innovation. By regularly inviting students to come and develop their final year  projects and doctoral theses, this world-renowned center has become a major player in  the city, making each day a little smarter.

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