Rally racing. Speed, technical excellence, competition, significant investments. Quite close to development of alternative energy sector, isn’t it?

That is why Waste to Energy International (WTEI) chose rally racing as a sport discipline to support. In Russian national championship, we provide support to a team driving Subaru WRX STi. Two cars homologated according to international production class N4 and Russian national 4000H taking part in Russian Rally Championship and Russian Rally Cup.

Last year WTEI supported crew of A. Prokudin who has finished 6th overall in Russian Rally Championship with its best result of 4th place in class N4 on most toughest Rally Russia 2013. A. Rusanov’s standard Subaru Impreza WRX reached 2nd place in Central Federal District Championship and has been prepared by the team according to class 4000H to participate in Russian Rally Cup this year.


Rally racing is one of the most spectacular motor sports discipline, attracting thousands of people to have a look how well-prepared cars are flying flat out between trees in the forests, fighting with water blasts while crossing the river shallows and discovering new magnificent views from lost in time country roads. Rally spectators know how important is to save the nature and how many wonderful moments can give you clean environment, fresh air, healthy flora and fauna. Mostly young and mid-aged rally addicts take a keen interest in possibilities that can give renewable energy, and in most cases use environment-friendly energy sources, accommodation, food and transportation means provided by local hosts where the Rally take place.

Follow Waste to Energy International supported crews on special stages of Russian Rally Championship, Russian Rally Cup and who knows, maybe one time you will have a chance to take a seat in WTEI supported crew in World Rally Championship.


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