01 Dollar_SXCCapital expenditure on developing new waste to energy infrastructure, or modernising exisiting facilities, will hit over $7.6 billion this year, according to a new report by market research firm, Visiongain.

The report found that despite some misgivings over emissions – which have led to the widespread regulatory tightening of dioxin, particulate and other emissions – there are renewed growth prospects for the waste to energy industry.

The authors noted that not only is the world population growing, it is also becoming increasingly urbanised. This leads to greater levels of waste being generated globally, in more concentrated levels and in closer proximity to large urban areas.

These issues, the report claimed, are focusing more attention on waste management frameworks, with increased interest in alternatives to landfill. As a result, municipalities worldwide are considering the functionality of WtE plants to help deal with mounting waste being generated.

As such, Visiongain concluded that CAPEX spending of new and upgraded WtE plants globally would total $7.637 billion in 2014.

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