The Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) has urged residents to improve source separation of recyclables, while approving a 0% increase in levy for 2014/15 in its Budget and Levy for 2014/15.

The authority also made a Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) projection of a 3% reduction in 2015/16 and a further 0% increase in 2016/17.

Last year’s Levy increase, which is added to resident’s council tax bill, was over 14% – an increase of around £166 million which added 2.6% to resident’s council tax.

Commenting on this year’s decision, councilor Neil Swannick, chair of Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority said: “This is great news for residents and shows what can be done through a strong Contract and by residents getting behind recycling.  Whilst this is good news all round, we can and should, do better at recycling.”

The authority said that it is working closely with its contractor, Viridor Laing Greater Manchester (VLGM) and its nine districts to deliver a comprehensive Communications and Engagement plan under the Recycle for Greater Manchester banner. The plan is to continue to increase recycling and composting and maximise landfill diversion.

“We are asking residents to continue supporting the Authority with our aim is zero waste.  Together with our nine districts we are currently recycling 44% and diverting 56% from landfill with a target of 50% and 75% by 2015/16 respectively,” added Swannick.

The authority noted that around 74% of the waste residents put out for collection in their 4 bins is potentially recyclable, but that at present only a little over half of that is actually put in the right bin.

“With our residents’ help we can achieve these targets, which will drive out further financial benefits and also do our bit to reduce the carbon dioxide we produce, hence helping to address the impact of climate change,” Swannick concluded.

GMWDA added that 2014/15 will also see the final two facilities being developed under its 25 year contract with VLGM – the Runcorn combined heat and power waste to energy facility (pictured) and a Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) facility at Bredbury, Stockport completed.

The completion of these two facilities is expected to assist with maximising diversion from landfill and driving forward recycling.

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