Maidstone, Kent based UK waste and recycling company, Countrystyle Recycling has recently commissioned a new Macpresse Mac111/1, fully automatic baling press at its material recycling facility in Ridham.

Supplied by West Midlands based R.C.P SA, the baler is now processing Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) from commercial/Industrial waste streams.

Once baled the fuel will be transported to waste incineration directive compliant plants in Holland and Germany, where electricity and heat will be generated from material that the company said would almost certainly have ended up in landfill.

The Mac 111/1 baling press is powered by twin 55 kW motors and is capable of baling 50 tonnes of loose feed material per hour.  The bale chamber is said to be lined with easily replaceable ‘Hardox 500’ alloy liners to counteract the abrasive action of waste materials.

According to the manufacturer the Mac 111/1 is designed for easy maintenance with a horizontal, electro/mechanical bale tying system that does not require a pit to be constructed under the machine, unlike vertically tied bales.

As with all new Macpresse machines, an exchange of binding hooks will convert the machine from tying bales with the burnable plastic wire used at Ridham, to tying bales with conventional steel wire.

With its range of composting and recycling activities, as well as the new Macpresse baling press, Countrystyle said that it can now achieve zero waste to landfill, saving it the £72.00 per tonne landfill tax which is soon to rise to £80 per tonne in April 2014.

“The baling and wrapping operation makes our Ridham MRF a major facility for the processing and manufacture of resources to complement our organics treatment, plasterboard recycling and clean and dirty wood processing operations already carried out at Ridham,” explained Chris Howard, managing director of Countrystyle.

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