Finnish bale wrapping equipment manufacturer, Cross Wrap, will be showcasing its CW Direct Wrapper for 2-ram balers at this year’s RWM exhibition in Birmingham, UK.

The company explained that the CW Direct Wrapper wraps waste directly from the bale chamber, with no ties or wires needed.

It is also said to be fully automatic, thus saving labour cost and increasing baler capacity.

Additionally, the company said that the system enables the baling of difficult materials like wood chips, electrical waste and fibres, while creating bales that stay in shape during handling, transportation and storage and using a process that creates no waste.

Cross Wrap will also present the CW 2200 Bale Wrapper and the CW Bale Opener.

Both machines are fully automatic and offering highest production rate and the lowest operational cost in business.

The CW 2200 Bale Wrapper is said to be suitable for all bale sizes and materials and compatible with any baler.

The company added that its CW Bale Openers are the safest and most economical way to open or dewiring the bales with the capacity up to 100 tonnes/hour.

The manufacturer said that it has delivered more than 340 machines worldwide in 43 countries with more 43,000,000 Cross Wrapped bales.

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