Kuwait Flag 1051834_72569950_200The Partnerships Technical Bureau (PTB) in collaboration with Kuwait Municipality has invited interested companies to submit a response to its Request for Qualification for a 3275 tonne per day waste to energy project.

The PTB explained that the scope of the Kabd Municipal Solid Waste Project is to design, build, finance, operate and transfer a Facility to treat municipal solid waste (household, commercial and agricultural) using a waste to energy technology to generate electricity.

The Bureau also specified that the recovery of slag and flue gas residues is to be disposed into separate sanitary landfills on the Site. The Project Site is located in the Kabd area with an area of 500,000 square metres.

The objectives of the Project are the diversion of municipal waste from landfill, and the generation of energy through waste incineration.

The facility is also expected to contribute to the modernisation of Kuwait’s integrated municipal solid waste system by improving its economic, environmental and social performance.

Contractual Framework:

The PTB said that the project will be procured as a design, build, finance, operate and transfer structure in accordance with Kuwaiti PPP Law (Law No. 7 of 2008 regulating Public Private Partnerships).

A public joint stock company is to be established for the project. The term of the Project Agreement will commence on financial close and expire 25 years after the anticipated date for the commencement of operations.

The Bureau anticipates that the construction period for the project will be approximately four years.


The PTB explained that interested and competent parties are invited to visit its offices to purchase the Request for Qualification document as of 16 March this year.

Further, interested parties should provide a certified check of KWD 2500 from a local bank and addressed to ‘Partnerships Technical Bureau’ to purchase the RFQ.

The RFQ package will set out the pre-qualification process for firms seeking to be short-listed and will provide full details of the qualifications required from interested firms.

Complete responses to the Request for Qualification for the project must be submitted to the PTB no later than noon 25 May this year.

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