On the eve of the One Planet Summit initiated by the President of the French Republic, 89 French companies, including Veolia, this morning signed the French Business Climate Pledge. 39 of them had already signed a Climate Manifesto during COP21.

The level of ambition means accelerating our actions

The 89 French signatory companies of the 2017 French Business Climate Pledge affirm the need to collectively change course in order to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) on a planetary scale.
Together, these companies represent 6 million jobs and global revenue of 1,500 billion euros. Between 2016 and 2020 they will commit more than 320 billion euros in funding, research and development and innovation in order to develop low carbon projects.

Veolia’s commitments to reduce its carbon footprint:

– Capture more than 60% of methane from managed waste storage facilities.
– Achieve 100 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent reduced emissions over the 2015-2020 period.
– Achieve 50 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent avoided emissions over the 2015-2020 period.
– Reach more than €3.8 billion in circular economy related turnover in 2020.
After COP21, Veolia set up an internal “Strategy and Climate” task force to strengthen the Group’s positioning on a 2°C trajectory. Among the actions initiated is the introduction of an internal CO2 price set at €31 / t in 2030 which is taken into account in the Group’s investment decisions.


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