In December 2017, ENVIROTHERM GmbH was awarded a contract for the renewal of an existing flue gas treatment system within a waste incineration plant in Norway. The customer FREVAR KF in Frederikstad (90 km south of Oslo) operates a waste incineration plant with 2 lines. As part of the revamping, the existing flue gas cleaning system will be replaced by a semi-dry and waste-water free flue gas cleaning plant.

In order to increase the efficiency of the plant a high-temperature and a low-temperature heat exchanger are added to the existing water-steam cycle. The fabric filter represents the key component in such facilities. Therefore ENVIROTHERM uses its own technology – the very efficient Low Pressure Filter (LPPJFF), which offers significant advantages in terms of availability and operating costs compared to other solutions. The construction works will not impact the regular operation of the waste incineration plant. The “tie-in” within a standstill of 3 weeks, only will take place in October 2018; thereupon FREVAR KF will resume the operation of the renewed facility.

Order entry date: 12.12.2017


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