On 28-11-2022, at the Ministry of Development headquarters, Abu Rawash project confirmed by state Ministers and the Governor of Giza. Waste to Energy International (WTEI) with partners completed the first waste-to-energy (WTE) project feasibility study iat the end of 2020. Since then, the consortium did a lot of administrative and governmental relation work in Egypt.

As the result, the Major General Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development, held a meeting to confirm the project status. The meeting happened in the presence of Dr Mohamed Shaker, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy. Additionally, Dr Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment and Eng Mohamed Salah El-Din Mustafa, Minister of State for Military Production attended. Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza also took participation. Major General Nasser Fawzy, Director of the National Center for State Land Use Planning joined him. Finally, several leaders of the ministries and Giza Governorate participated in this essential event at the Ministry of Development headquarters.

Abu Rawash project confirmed
Ministers at the meeting dedicated to Abu Rawash project

The meeting witnessed the latest developments of a municipal solid waste (MSW) to electricity power plant in Abu Rawash. Major General Hisham Amna affirmed the keenness to coordinate with Giza Governorate to quickly complete the land licenses. After allocating the land, the Ministry of Local Development will follow up on all the project’s executive stages. In accordance with the President’s directives participants pointed out that the project represents a major shift in waste management. This new project will improve the state’s efforts in dealing with municipal solid waste in Giza Governorate.

Ministerial speeches

Firstly, Dr Shaker, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, stressed the interest of the Egyptian state in clean energy. He outlined the use of renewable energyto reach two important goals: preserve the environment and open investments in energy.

Secondly, Dr Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, confirmed the importance of projects to convert waste into electric energy. The Minister of the Environment stated that the project aims to clean environment economically viable and produce usable energy. The project to reduce the amount of waste buried in landfills, and avoid waste accumulations inside Governorates. Such accumulations lead to environmental damage and emissions. The consortium has submitted the environmental impact assessment study for the project, which has been reviewed and approved.

Additionally, Eng Mohamed Salah El-Din Mustafa, Minister of State for Military Production, affirmed the keenness to implement the Abu Rawash project. This keeness expressed by various ministries and authorities following the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic. He also praised the role of all partners in the system for cooperation in establishing waste-to-energy plants. The first plant will be established in Abu Rawash, Giza Governorate, on an area of ​​4-5 hectares. Minister explained that this meeting supports the project aiming to treat 1,200 tons/day of MSW and produce 30MW of electricity. This allows to achieve an economic return, stressing the ministry’s eagerness to transfer advanced technologies in various manufacturing fields. Additionaly, this leads to cooperating with national and international companies, which will reduce imports and provide foreign currency.

Finally, during the meeting, Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, presented all the efforts made by the governorate. These efforts provide coordination with the concerned ministries.

Abu Rawash project confirmed: what next?

To sum up, the significance of the event that the Abu Rawash project confirmed by ministers cannot be overestimated. Importantly, this meeting opened the road to the Direct Prime Minister’s Order to sign key project documents and commencement of funding.

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