In Summer 2014, Waste to Energy International OÜ had signed  the sales representative agreement with Crushmaster America – a company producing variety of shredders, granulators, briquetters and accessories for processing and size reduction of biomass and different types of waste. Last month, Crushmaster America changed its name to Virtus Equipment. Below is excerpt from company press release.

We have spent some time looking at new names. We first tried names which match what we do, grinding, shredding, conveying, and briquetting. This became difficult and hard to find a good name which was not taking or was very much like one of our competitors. So we took a different direction and look at what type of company do we want to be. What attribute do we want customers to equate with our company?

The attributes we came up with were:

• A strong company, in terms of knowledge, product and support,
• A trusted company, we will do what we say
• A company with courage to do what was right, even if it met losing a big order or customer.
• A company which continued to strive for excellence. We know we are not an excellent company, but we what to continue to learn and grow toward excellence.
• A company of worth. We want to be a valued contributor to the success of our employees, sales network and customers.

The name we choice is Virtus. It is a Latin word and has the same meaning in most western languages. The proposed brand is:

Virtus logo with tagline- 300 ppi 500 px long

We as Waste to Energy International OÜ wish to our partner bright future and new horizons with the new brand!

We update our site accordingly.

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