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Virtus Equipment Granulator Service Tips

A granulator which is properly maintained will give you years of outstanding performance-high throughput, less dust and fines, uniform size, and minimum downtime.

A large part of optimum performance is sharp knives.  The sharper the knives, the more efficiently the granulator will cut the plastic recycling material.  This is especially true with soft material such as thermoplastic rubber and polyolefin films.

Here are some quick tips to service your blades:

Safety First When Changing Knives

*Always refer to the machine’s operation manual.  If you have a Virtus Equipment Granulator , our manuals are located on our website.  Here you will find allowable tolerance and necessary knife gap. 

*Always make sure electrical and lockout procedures are followed. 

*Always wear cut resistant gloves.  Uline offers many top of the line brands.

*Always use extreme caution when handling knives.  Along with being sharp, some are very heavy.

Servicing Your Granulator Knives

  1. Create a knife maintenance schedule.  This would include material being processed, number of hours of operation, etc.
  2. Knives must be sharpened by a professional with a precision grinding machine.  Using a coolant is a must for dry re-sharpening can compromise your knives.
  3. After knives have been changed on a granulator, use a feeler gauge to check the knife gap.  This is the distance between the Rotor (fly) knives and Stator (stationary or bed) knives.
  4. After one week, measure and re-gap to ensure proper cutting.   If sharpened incorrectly, the knife gap will be off.

Knives can only be sharpened a few times before losing the correct gapping.

 Protect your investment.

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