New Breakthrough in Pond and Lake Treatment

Lake View Terrace, CA (PRWEB) May 28, 2008

0_OETlogoOrganic Environmental Technology announced today a breakthrough in pond maintenance science with a pond cleaner that clears up green water, murky pond conditions and bottom sludge. Owners of any backyard pond, koi pond, or public ponds can now take advantage of this new breakthrough in pond treatment. “We are pleased with the pilot results and are now ready to release this technology to the broad public,” stated Paul Scholz, one of the owners of Organic Environmental Technology Inc.

Scholz continued, “We have all experienced foul conditions in ponds where the water is murky and no matter what we do it just doesn’t seem to clear up. The odors can get pretty bad and getting rid of the sludge at the bottom is virtually impossible short of draining and dredging.”

“Overwhelmed by chemical runoff, chlorine, chloramines and excessive organic debris, the healthy organisms of the ecosystem in ponds die off causing the pond’s health to go into shock leaving the negative organisms to spread like cancer. These pathogenic bugs are the big troublemakers and left unchecked can take over even large bodies of water,” said Scholz. “What we are releasing is a proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms that are the natural enemies of the putrefying bacteria found in ponds and lakes. When a pond is repopulated with healthy beneficial bacteria the pathogenic bacteria and the foul conditions they produce are eliminated along with the murky green water.”

“For this new pond treatment we utilize the best EM technology starter cultures available in our manufacturing. EM or Efficient Microbes is a probiotic blend of 15 strains of beneficial microbes that are good for fish and water plants and consume toxins as a food source–the more toxic the pond the bigger their appetite,” continued Scholz. “Part of the breakthrough is how the special combination of healthy bacteria forms a self protecting mechanism. It is quite formidable.”

“We looked at enzyme technology which is really designed to activate existing beneficial bacteria as a pond cleaner and found this new breakthrough with EM to be the logical next step in pond maintenance science.”

“We can introduce this technology right into the water of a backyard pond or any koi pond with “Pond Magician”™ or directly into the sludge using our “Magic Sinkers”™.”

Organic Environmental Technology Inc. has tested this breakthrough in small and large garden ponds, large public garden ponds and golf course ponds all with good results. Using 100% organic ingredients, OET’s solutions are fully “green” compliant.

About Organic Environmental Technology Inc. and Effective Environmental Services

Effective Environmental Services is a d.b.a. of Organic Environmental Technology, a privately held company in Lake View Terrace, California. For more information, they can be contacted at 888-524-5000.

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