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Waste to Energy Technologies Overview

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Waste to energy technologies overview

Waste to Energy International (WTEI) offers many sustainable solutions for thermal residue utilization. This significantly reduces waste disposal on landfill sites such as municipal or industrial waste and sludge, and medical or industrial hazardous waste. The generated energy output results in a new revenue source which has economic benefits for the local community and environmental benefits in the form of cleaner air, water and soil.

There are more than 2500 waste-to-energy plants in the world, including alomost 500 in Europe.

Below is the list of main technologies applicable to get energy from waste.

Thermal Treatment on Grate

World widespread, prevalent technology. Very reliable due to accumulated big experience of production and operating of such plants. A number of producers are manufacturing sophisticated equipment to process the waste on the grate and produce electricity and heat. After cardinal improvements of technology of flue gas cleaning, now incinerators are recognized as clean technologies, what was approved in 2005 even by the statement of German Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, member of The Greens party.

Conceptual Overview of a Modern on the Grate System.
Waste to Energy On Grate System

Fluidized Bed Technology

This is also one of the main waste-to-energy technologies. This can be static- or circulating fluidized bed technology. Mainly used to process sludge or municipal solid waste. Has high efficiency of processing and low residual values. Technology includes energy recovery and flue gas treatment. Flue Gas output is far below regulatory requirements.

Conceptual Overview of a Fluidized Bed System.
Waste to Energy Fluidized Bed System

Rotary Kiln

Used to process hazardous medical, biological and industrial waste. Higher temperatures allow controlling full destruction of viruses and microbes, low oxygen intake guarantees low emission values.

Conceptual Overview of a Rotary Kiln System.
Waste to Energy Rotary Kiln System


Is also well-known technology, having a long history on the market. But it is not so wide implemented as processing on the grate, because of several problems, including oxidation of hydrocarbons, production of high levels of CO2, production of pollutants during gasification and low calorific value of produced synthetic gas.

Conceptual Overview of a High-Temperature Waste Gasifier.
Waste to Energy Gasifier

Plasma Arc Gasification

Is used to process a specific group of waste: very hazardous and radioactive. Very expensive, consume a lot of energy for the process and has some problems. Low level of net energy does not allow to say about energy effectiveness. High temperatures of 9600°C are good for processing hazardous waste but are not manageable.

Conceptual Overview of Plasma Gasification Unit.
Waste to Energy Plasma Unit


Was invented many decades ago and heavily used in the chemical industry. But, the waste application started relatively recently. Technology has many benefits as minimum oxidation of the waste, no production of pollutants, high level of synthetic gas production, high level of calorific values for this gas, clean gas production which can be used in Genset. Seems to be the most ecologically clean, simple and modular modern technology of waste utilization. The only problem – it is not well known on the market.

WTEI puts special attention to this technology and tries to implement it in every new project. WTEI has an agreement with the owner for marketing and selling this patented pyrolysis technology in different regions of the world, including Europe.

Conceptual Overview of the Pyrolysis Process.
Advanced Pyrolysis Process

We are proud to cooperate with our clients for selection and implementation of the technology, most applicable for your project.