We launch a new service to provide our clients with most reliable information – now you can calculate you waste-to-energy project online. For this, please read about our Financial Model and recognize all the opportunities offered by this flexible instrument. You can also download the sample output in .pdf file (110kB) to understand what we really offer. In short, you will have calculated:

  • IRR on project equity
  • IRR on investor shares
  • Payback period on equity (ROI)
  • Net Cashflow
  • Net cashflow for investor
  • Net cashlow for local developer
  • NPV for local developer

Additionally, some short recommendations can be given for participation of local developer in shares.

Definitely, project depends on a number of parameters, and we ask more that 25 questions related to project in our Project Questionnaire form. Please fill it out and we will establish a contact with you sending the invoice. No more than 3-5 business days are needed to complete and verify calculations. To know the real project efficiency, we consider such parameters as inflation rates, cost of money, structure of funding, method of credit amortization and many others. We provide some internal checks, calculate yearly Debt Service Coverage Ratios and Loan Life Coverage Ratios for banks.

We can also consider some non-standard approaches like combined credit from 2-3 banks taken on different conditions and interest rates. Or, sculpture debt repayment profile can be implemented. Some times it is needed to attract working capital. All of these custom cases is subject of additional negotiations and time.

The first step is most important, so protect your time and efforts and know for sure what is the real efficiency of your project.


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